We change worlds and improve your quality of life!

Our non-governmental organisation “Jugend und Lebenswelt” offers profound and professional support for your community.

We focus on taking up youth-relevant issues and topics and orientate our social work towards the paradigm of lifeworld orientation. 

“Jugend und Lebenswelt” develops customized offers in the youth work and community-orientated area based on needs assessment such as lifeworld research and social space analysis.

On our website, you find further information concerning our tasks and responsibilities, facilities and current locations.

If you have any questions please contact us:

Mail: office@jlw.at
Phone: +43/2742/26700


Mission Statement

According to the concept of lifeworld orientation all people shape their lifeworlds with their own experiences. As a result, they are experts in these worlds. We use this knowledge and the instrument of the dialogue to develop reasonable and resource-oriented solutions for everyday problems.

We face our clients with respect, appreciation and an empathic attitude. Our organisation “Jugend und Lebenswelt” encourages a self-determined life. Diversity, intercultural collaboration and gender-sensitive work are important values. Our work induces a constructive interaction between individuals, groups and systems.

We are experts in the field of adolescents and their environments. Groups we work with are:

  • teenagers, adolescents and young adults
  • institutions and organisations working with adolescents
  • politicians
  • communities

Our main competences are social work, social education and socio-cultural animation. We meet challenges with flexibility, quality, stability and a healthy process of growth, economically and personally speaking.

The organisation “Jugend und Lebenswelt” helps shape social work in Lower Austria and supports the contact with university students by providing internships and offering a professional discourse. 


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Wir verwenden einen Sitzungscookie und unser Iinstagram Service den seinen.

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